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Transparent liners

Aesthetic dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry


Clear braces are a modern alternative to non-aesthetic braces – a new generation of inconspicuous, removable aligners made of safe thermoplastic material that you wear over your teeth for a much shorter period of time (3-6 months is standard). They are made individually for each patient.

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Transparent Liners

Frequently Asked Questions

Are invisible liners effective?

Clear aligners are designed to correct mild to moderate orthodontic cases. They undeniably improve aesthetics, but they also contribute to good oral health by improving the patient’s bite and tidying up crowded teeth, making oral hygiene easier.

Braces offer many advantages over traditional braces. They are much more discreet and comfortable. Quick and effective solution are used alone or combined with other manipulations. The patient should not forget that the success of his treatment depends on a strict attitude to wearing his aligners.

Is this treatment for me?

Invisible aligners are an ideal orthodontic treatment for people of all ages. They are discreet, convenient and very effective.

How long does treatment with tinners last?

Braces give much faster results than traditional braces. Most treatments last from 3-6 months, in more complicated cases 9-12 months.

Are the results consistent?

Due to the natural tendency of teeth to revert to their old positions, retreaders are used to maintain the results. They can be fixed and removable. In case the patient chooses removable, the maintenance of the result depends on the regular wearing of the retainer.

Are there any side effects from the treatment?

No, there are no side effects. Veneers are one of the safest orthodontic treatments. Furthermore, we will only suggest aligners after a detailed assessment of the current condition of your smile. Mild discomfort is possible, but patients usually quickly forget about it once they get used to the aligner.

What are the invisible liners offered in Varna?

The aligners placed in Varna are a modern teeth straightening system that is almost invisible and does not negatively affect our personal and professional lives. The modern aligners placed in Varna are actually new generation dental braces that are transparent and almost invisible when worn. They are not fixed, unlike classic braces, but give just as good results. In addition, the effect is noticeable sooner – after only a few months.

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Advantages of invisible aligners placed in Varna

Varna 1

Varna – fast and effective treatment

One of the biggest advantages of the modern tinners offered in Varna is that they give excellent results, and very quickly. We can notice a visible effect of wearing the aligners placed in Varna, after only a few months of treatment. Another indisputable advantage of the aligners placed by a specialist in Varna is that they are almost invisible. They are precisely and specifically made for each patient’s teeth and fit perfectly, and are also transparent. Another advantage is the price of Varna aligners – they prove to be a budget solution, taking into account the speed of treatment and excellent long-term results. Last but not least, the fact that they are not fixed makes the modern alainers placed in Varna suitable even for people who are holding or attending important personal and business meetings, attending official events, etc.

How do the modern tinners offered in Varna work?

The aligners delivered in Varna are an orthodontic treatment system that goes through several stages and is definitely worth the price. Veneers placed in Varna, like braces and splints, put pressure on the teeth to move them. The difference lies in the fact that with modern aligners placed in Varna, the force required is digitally programmed and precisely calculated so that there is no pain during treatment. This is usually not the case with braces and retainers, where the pressure applied to the teeth during treatment causes the patient pain and discomfort.

The pressure and force exerted by the aligners placed by a doctor in Varna are almost imperceptible, and this is due to another advantage. In the case of treatment with aligners in Varna, we are not talking about the same splint that we wear during the entire treatment, but a series of aligners that are replaced periodically at the discretion of the dental specialist. This further reduces the discomfort that the patient would experience if too much force were applied to their teeth.

Varna 2

Varna liners – do not cause discomfort in the anus

The dental specialist we trusted creates a plan to follow right from the beginning of the treatment with Varna aligners. In this plan, he has determined how many and what kind of aligners will be needed in the process of straightening the teeth of a particular patient – this is done for each individual after a detailed examination and discussion about the expected results of the aligners. In Varna, the dentist informs the patient approximately how often he will replace one aligner with another to achieve the maximum effect, and as quickly as possible. This system with the replacement of aligners in Varna makes the treatment process less aggressive compared to the classic methods of straightening teeth – braces and regular braces. The quality treatment with Varna aligners is almost not felt by the patient and does not cause discomfort in his daily life.

How long does the treatment with aliners in Varna last?

Every treatment with aligners with a good doctor in Varna is strictly individual in all aspects – from the treatment plan through the number and type of braces to the duration of treatment with aligners. In Varna, the final results are usually available after a few months of strictly wearing the aligners, and the effect of their placement is noticeable almost immediately. While in the case of straightening teeth with braces or with regular braces it is the norm for the treatment to last for years, in the case of treatment with aligners in Varna this duration is a huge exception – in most cases only a few months are enough.

Varna 3

Varna aligners – a revolution in teeth straightening

Regarding the duration within a day of wearing aligners, as determined by a doctor in Varna, most dental specialists advise that it be no less than twenty-two hours. This means that we can safely take them off to eat and perform our daily hygiene routine, but it is mandatory to wear them the rest of the day. This is how we will achieve the dream results – a flawless Hollywood smile. Sure, we can afford to take them off for a few hours if we have an important event coming up where we would feel more comfortable without them, but that should be the exception. It can be said that it also depends on the patients themselves how quickly the expected results will be achieved – if they are serious in wearing their aligners, and the results will come unexpectedly soon.

The advantage of the treatment with aligners in Varna and of the digital precision calculations is that our dental specialist will be able to predict with great accuracy how long the complete treatment with aligners will last during the first visit. In Varna, according to the best dentists, it usually takes less than a year, which is a revolution in the field of teeth straightening, but for each patient the period is different.

Maintenance and hygiene in treatment with Varna liners

Varna 4

Varna liners – extremely easy to clean

Another huge advantage of the treatment with Varna aliners is that we do not have to change our daily hygiene habits. Twice a day, after removing our aligners, we should clean our teeth and interdental spaces using a toothbrush, toothpaste and floss or a dental douche, and finally rinse with mouthwash. This is a great advantage of modern non-fixed aligners, placed by a doctor in Varna, over standard braces, which make it difficult to maintain daily oral hygiene, which is crucial, especially during the treatment period, and must be impeccable. Once in Varna, the liners themselves must also be cleaned, but this is also extremely easy. It is enough to follow the instructions of your dentist.


Who can benefit from treatment with tinners in Varna?

Alleiner treatment in Varna can benefit almost everyone. The aligners are suitable even for children who have not changed all their milk teeth, as well as for people with missing teeth (up to 4-5). The placement of aligners in Varna may need to be accompanied by other treatment if the patient has very serious deformities or missing teeth. In short, the aligners placed by a specialist in Varna are suitable for all patients with very few exceptions.


What are the invisible liners offered in Varna?

Advantages of invisible aligners placed in Varna

How do the modern tinners offered in Varna work?

How long does the treatment with aliners in Varna last?

Maintenance and hygiene in treatment with Varna liners

Who can benefit from treatment with tinners in Varna?