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Dental Club Karadzhovi

Our History

We are a private family clinic offering a variety of dental services, with an active dental practice for over 25 years. Thanks to our experience passed down from generation to generation and our focus on continuous innovation and development, we work with a smile for your smiles!

We founded Karadzhovi Dental Club with the bold idea to provide the highest quality healthcare services and to work with care and attention to build trust in every patient. For us, patient connection is at the heart of everything we do.

Dental Club Karadzhovi

Our values are:

  • Personal approach and trust to each patient
  • Provision of detailed information
  • Right to choice and control during treatment
  • Patient comfort is our responsibility and obligation
  • We work with the best materials and tools
  • Results that guarantee the strength and aesthetics of the smile
  • We focus on innovative solutions
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Prevention and prevention

We believe that proper prevention and prophylaxis are better than any treatment, and a visit to the dentist should be a relaxing, pleasant and painless experience. Do you have a question about how to get rid of accumulated plaque and tartar for good? Don’t know which is the right toothpaste for the whole family? Do your gums bleed when brushing? Looking for a safe way to whiten your teeth? Looking for a good dentist in Varna?

The Dental Club will answer these questions and any others you have. In treating each patient, we follow these steps:


Cognitive conversation and dental history

Dental examination

Preparation of a treatment plan with different options for case resolution

Presentation of treatment options

Thanks to these steps, we ensure you are fully informed and in control of your procedures and treatment. Book your appointment for a free check-up now.

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