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Mission and Values

We founded Karadzhovi Dental Club with the bold idea to provide the highest quality healthcare services and to work with care and attention to build trust in every patient. For us, patient connection is at the heart of everything we do. Our main priorities are:

  • Prevention and prevention
  • Strict treatment techniques ensuring fast recovery
  • Open communication based on trust
  • Ethical attitude
  • Attention to every detail
  • Comfort and relaxing atmosphere
Dental Club Karadzhovi

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Missing Teeth


Crooked teeth

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Feeling discomfort or have doubts about the health of your smile, but are putting off the check-up? Want to consult a dentist but don’t feel like going to the office for something harmless?

Through a video call, our specialists will do a free online consultation for you. You will be given information about your condition as well as advice on whether you need to visit the dental surgery. And you just give them a smile at the end of the conversation!

What do our patients say?

Extremely good attitude and attention to detail. I have experience with Dr. Karadzhova, who works very carefully and always explains in detail the issues that interest me. The tartar cleaning and cavity removal I can safely say was the most painless and pleasant compared to other places I have visited. Definitely recommend!

Stephanie Harizanova

Amazing and professional service! A very clean and modern clinic. Met 2 of the doctors at a Dental Health Day at our office and instantly knew that I could put my trust in their skills. No other clinic can beat their flexibility and ease in terms of booking appointments. Highly, highly recommend!

Vildan Mehmed

I've been suffering with heavy bruxism for years and had a procedure done by Dr. Nevena Karadjova. My standard of life has significantly improved already less than 2 weeks after the procedure. Dr. Karadjova is extremely professional and helpful. Everything was explained to me in detail with care and attention even though I asked questions for over 45 minutes at the initial consultation ! The procedure itself was brief and painless. I would recommend her services to anyone!

Anna Maria Todorova

Professional dental services provided by D-r Karadzhov. Especially if emergency case occurs he is also very flexible and always providing the best possible solution depending on the situation! It's a pleasure to visit him and his Dental Cabinet! Strongly recommend!

Ivan Ivanov

Huge thanks for the Karadzhovi team! Extremely careful and precise. They work fast and I'm always super happy with the results. Record hours at convenient times even in the evening. Just great!

Iva-Maria Krasteva

Great professionals. Very good attitude and careful work. I would recommend to anyone who has a fear of dentists,you will be predisposed very well.

Elvira Ivanova

I have been a patient of Dr. Karadzhov for many years and I am pleased with the attitude and ease with which he works. I recommend.

Tsvetomir Yotov

Unique professionals. Careful attitude. I always choose them. I recommend with both hands.

Vanessa Dimitrova

I am very satisfied with Dr. Karadzhov! He works very carefully and precisely. Highly recommend!

Slavi Slavchev

Exceptional professionals with top attitude on your schedule! I recommend!

Petar Krasimirov

I am extremely pleased with the professional attitude and attention to every detail!

Victoria Hristova

Great attitude, top professionals. Highly recommend!

Alexander Kumanov

Extremely attentive and precise team - great professionals. Thank you for your warm attitude!

Victoria Petkova
Dental Club Karadzhovi

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Straightening teeth at the dentist in Varna

The teeth straightening procedure at a dentist in Varna can help us get a beautiful Hollywood smile. Rare are the lucky ones who are born with such a perfect smile – most of us need milder or more serious adjustments to achieve it, which is why it is important to visit a good dentist in Varna.

There are several ways we can achieve the smile of our dreams. After a visit to a dentist in Varna, we will be assigned an individual treatment, which usually includes either braces or aligners. These are the two most effective and widespread methods of straightening teeth at the moment. However, aligners are one breast ahead – they have more advantages than braces and are the more innovative and effective way to get straight teeth from a good dentist in Varna.

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Straightening teeth with aligners at the dentist in Varna

Dentist Varna 1

Dentist Varna – effective and almost invisible

Veneers are a modern solution for straightening teeth, which every good dentist in Varna offers. One of the biggest advantages of the aligners that our dentist in Varna would include in our treatment is that they are extremely discreet. Veneers placed by a good dentist in Varna are almost invisible. Therefore, they are suitable for people for whom not only the effectiveness but also the aesthetics during the treatment is a priority. Any experienced dentist in Varna can offer modern aligners as an effective method of straightening teeth that does not affect our personal and professional life.

The aligners that a good dentist in Varna uses, unlike braces, are not fixed. This is an advantage, because all daily activities such as eating and cleaning the teeth will be carried out in exactly the same way as before the appointment of treatment with aligners by a dentist in Varna, and the aligners themselves are extremely easy to clean. Another advantage of not having the aligners fixed the way braces are is the fact that we can take them off before an important business meeting or other formal event. To be effective, however, aligners should be worn almost all day and night, as our dentist in Varna would advise. Therefore, removing them should only happen when eating, brushing teeth and in single cases during important events.

Another indispensable advantage of the treatment with aligners, appointed by a dentist in Varna, is that with them the patient experiences almost no pain or discomfort. The aligners and braces, placed by a dentist in Varna, work on a similar principle – they exert a smooth pressure on the teeth to realign them. However, in the case of treatment with aligners, prescribed by a dentist in Varna, this force is so finely and minutely programmed that the patient hardly feels any discomfort during its application.

Dentist Varna 2

Dentist Varna – almost without pain and discomfort

Last but not least is the advantage of aligners over braces, that it is almost impossible to have an emergency situation caused by aligners that would require a visit to the dentist in Varna on Saturday or Sunday. They are safe and the fact that they are not fixed by our dentist in Varna gives us great freedom and comfort.

Placement of dental implants at a dentist in Varna

Dentist Varna 3

Dentist Varna – for the dream smile

Dental implants are the way to the smile we’ve always dreamed of. Dental implants, offered by every good dentist in Varna, are an innovative and effective solution for restoring teeth and getting a smile that makes us happy. These small miracles – dental implants, are metal biocompatible screws that are inserted into the jawbone and serve as a stable and reliable foundation for new teeth, offered by any experienced dentist in Varna.

The advantages of dental implants offered by a dentist in Varna are many:

  • Aesthetics: dental implants placed by a good dentist in Varna look and feel like our natural teeth, providing unparalleled comfort and appearance when smiling.
  • Durability: implants placed by a dentist in Varna are a durable method of replacing lost teeth. Proper care, good oral hygiene and regular visits to our dentist in Varna can guarantee the durability of dental implants for years.
  • Functionality: dental implants placed by a dentist in Varna allow patients to take food without any restrictions, thus improving their quality of life.
  • Helping jaw health: dental implants, if placed by a good dentist in Varna, help maintain the strength of the jawbone.
  • New self-confidence: dental implants, which are offered by any experienced dentist in Varna, restore the smile and self-confidence of patients, providing them with comfort and confidence.

The dental implants are placed by a professional dentist in Varna who takes care of us during every stage of the procedure, even on weekends if necessary. Whether we are missing one or several teeth, dental implants placed by a good dentist in Varna are the solution. They are an investment in our health and a smile that will delight us for many years.

Teeth whitening at the dentist in Varna

Tooth darkening over time is a natural process, but it can be significantly accelerated by improper brushing or harmful habits such as smoking. Our dentist in Varna can take care of this discolouration by professionally whitening our teeth.

Dentist Varna 4

Dentist Varna – for a sparkling white smile

There is a big difference between professional and non-professional teeth whitening, as our dentist in Varna will inform us. Non-professional teeth whitening is the self-appointment of whitening at home using cosmetic products that can be obtained without a prescription, and is usually not recommended by a dentist in Varna. This whitening is neither as effective nor lasts as long as the one carried out by a dentist in Varna.

Any competent dentist in Varna can help us get a dazzling smile with just a short visit to him. Our dentist in Varna will first make sure that our teeth are completely healthy and we have no untreated cavities, then proceed to cleaning tartar and polishing the teeth, and finally – to their whitening. This short procedure at the dentist in Varna has a good effect, but strong preparations are used that can make the teeth sensitive.

Another method of professional teeth whitening is the production of individual braces for the patient after an accurate impression has been taken by a dentist in Varna. The treatment involves the use of a special gel and splints at home and is more prolonged, but also the most effective.


Straightening teeth at the dentist in Varna

Straightening teeth with aligners at the dentist in Varna

Placement of dental implants at a dentist in Varna

Teeth whitening at the dentist in Varna