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Aesthetic dentistry

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Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry can improve overall facial aesthetics and harmony. Your confidence and sincere smile are priceless, and to us, there is no greater gift than a broadly smiling patient! That’s why at Karajovi Dental Club we use the most advanced materials and techniques available.

Combined with digital smile design, we restore the shape, color, and function of your teeth.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Porcelain facets

Porcelain dental veneers are used to improve the appearance of teeth for chipping, stains, spacing and other imperfections.

Veneers are ceramic partial crowns that cover the front surface of the teeth. They can be placed on different numbers of teeth, depending on the clinical case, taking into account the patient’s wishes. They are most commonly placed on the first six front teeth. Ceramic is a material with great optical qualities and its structure is resistant to stains from wine, coffee, etc.

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Whitening with laser

Dark or heavily stained teeth, as well as stains on them, are a cosmetic problem, and one of the first things we notice in our interlocutors is their smile. This is why teeth whitening is such a desirable procedure. A common and erroneous claim is that whitening damages enamel. When done under the supervision of a dentist and done with proven, quality whitening agents, it is a safe procedure and can bring great satisfaction to the patient.

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Aesthetic Dentistry


What are transparent liners?

Clear braces are a modern alternative to non-aesthetic braces – a new generation of inconspicuous, removable aligners made from a safe thermoplastic material that you wear over your teeth for a much shorter period of time (3-6 months is standard). They are made individually for each patient.

БрекетиПрозрачни алайнери
ЗабележимостЛесно забележимиПочти невидими
СваляемостНе се свалятСвалят се- имате свободата да ги свалите когато се храните или миете зъбите си
Орална хигиенаТрудно се поддържа добро ниво на орална хигиенаЛесно се поддържа перфектна орална хигиена
ПродължителностПо-продължително лечение (варира в зависимост от индивидуалния случай)Носят се за по-кратък период (варира в зависимост от индивидуалния случай)

Closing distance between teeth

Our specialists use one of three methods to close the diastema:

  • Orthodontic treatment – for healthy and good-looking teeth, orthodontic treatment is the best solution despite the longer process.
  • Direct bonding with composite – preferred by patients because of the instant result and the opportunity to shine with a new smile on the same day.
  • Ceramic veneers – a highly aesthetic method in which tooth grinding is minimal.
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