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Oral Surgery

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Oral Surgery

We perform the following manipulations:

  • Extraction (pulling) of teeth
  • Extraction of retinated and semi-retinated teeth
  • Extraction (removal) of dental germs
  • Extraction of tooth roots and fractured teeth
  • Exposure of teeth for orthodontic indications
  • Hand operations
  • Alveolar ridge correction operations
  • Correction of frenulums of the tongue and lips
  • Apical osteotomy
  • Raising the maxillary sinus floor (sinuslift)
  • Closure of communication with the maxillary sinus
  • Guided bone and tissue regeneration
  • Periodontal and mucogingival surgery

*Allsurgical procedures in the clinic are necessarily performed after anaesthesia (included in the priceof each manipulation).

Oral Surgery

Retinated sage.

Pain in the jaw? Turned teeth? Difficult chewing? The solution may be sage extraction.

We do everything we can to preserve your natural smile. But when tooth removal is the only option, we make the process easier. Our Oral Surgery specialists have extensive experience and perform every surgical manipulation safely and effectively. Contact us to learn more about retina wisdom tooth extraction

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Oral Surgery

Treatment of gingival recession (receding gingiva).

This is a condition in which the gum has receded and there is exposure of the tooth root. Its timely treatment is of utmost importance for the future of the tooth, as the altered position of the gum favours the retention of plaque, which can lead to root caries or the development of periodontitis.

If the roots of your teeth are becoming exposed, don’t wait to contact us. The sooner we diagnose the underlying problem, the better for your health. We offer comprehensive and personalized treatments for you.

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