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Pediatric Dentistry

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pediatric dentistry

Dental examination and consultation.

Every parent knows that children’s teeth and gums require specific care and great attention, so it is important to choose the right pediatric dentist. At the Smile Club, we take your child’s dental health seriously. We make it a priority to get adequate information about the condition of children’s teeth and take the necessary measures to prevent, identify potential problems and avoid serious complications. Our dentists will find a way and understanding to each child’s needs to provide quality care for their dental health.

Bring your child to us, and we will explain in the simplest way possible what is ahead to keep teeth healthy and avoid negative feelings towards the procedures. Through play and demonstration, we will help you build good oral hygiene habits, and then in an atmosphere conducive to the child, we will perform the necessary procedures.

pediatric dentistry

Mandatory steps for the visit include.

  • Compilation of a medical card in which we will describe allergies, past and current illnesses, harmful habits
  • Predisposing conversation and “Dentist game”
  • Introduction to the cabinet and demonstration of proper brushing through song
  • Complete anaesthetic analgesia (depending on the procedure)
  • Performing the necessary manipulations
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pediatric dentistry


This meeting is important because the impressions that the child will be left with are a prerequisite for his attitude both to the teeth and to each subsequent visit over the years. This builds confidence in the child and creates a positive attitude towards future visits. Good habits formed in early childhood will keep your child’s teeth healthy throughout his life.

We are the best friend of children’s teeth. Come to the Club to smile together!

Cavities in young children | Treatment of milk tooth in young children | Obturation of temporary teeth | Extraction of temporary tooth | Silanization

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pediatric dentistry


Often the fissures (depressions on the chewing surface) of the tooth are so narrow and deep that the toothbrush cannot penetrate them and remove plaque, which is the predominant cause of cavities. Silants prevent carious damage by sealing fissures and protecting against the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms. In addition, the fillings promote proper mineralization and the future strength of the enamel. Silanization is applied with the greatest success up to 2 years after tooth eruption and lasts for several years. The procedure is short and painless.

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