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Implant treatment is the modern method of restoring masticatory function and aesthetics in cases of complete or partial tooth loss. Unlike conventional crowns, bridges, and dentures, dental implants are placed in the bone, making them a permanent and natural solution for improving your smile and quality of life. Only they prevent bone loss after extraction.


Digitally-surgically guided implantation.

Here at Karadzhovi Dental Club, we use advanced techniques and top-notch materials to improve safety, comfort, and treatment results.

The high-tech method of digitally-guided implantation brings many advantages:

  • Increased accuracy
  • Reduced risk of complications
  • More predictable results
  • Increased comfort with a natural fit
  • High aesthetics
  • Minimized treatment and recovery time

Full jaw restoration with 4 implants (All-on-4)


Frequently asked questions.

What is the procedure for placing a dental implant?

Treatment with dental implants proceeds in several stages, always starting with a thorough examination and appointment of an imaging study – CBCT (computed tomography), which allows for an adequate assessment of the individual needs of the patient.

A treatment plan is discussed. Then it is on to the implantation, which can be accompanied by various bone building manipulations if necessary. Sometimes it is possible to place the crown on the implant even then. More often, a few months are waited, during which the implant is ossified, and then it is opened and a gingivopormer (a part that shapes the gums) is screwed to it.

This grooming takes 1-2 weeks. An impression is taken and the prosthetic construction is made.

What materials are used?

We work with implants of time-proven quality – Neodent.

How many teeth can be restored with dental implants?

Dental implants can restore anything from a single missing tooth to an entire dental arch.

Who needs dental implants?

Dental implants are necessary to restore lost, severely damaged (removable) or congenitally missing teeth.

What are the reasons to choose dental implants?

Implants are often the most aesthetic, durable and safe treatment you can choose to restore missing teeth.

What maintenance is needed for dental implants?

Regular preventive care and good oral hygiene are just as important for maintaining the health of your implants as they are for your natural teeth. We show each patient exactly how to care for and maintain their implants.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants help you: keep your natural teeth healthy. You bite and chew naturally. To speak naturally. To improve the aesthetics of your smile.

Once “integrated” into your bone, they will function like your natural teeth.

What are the risks of dental implants?

Every surgical procedure carries a risk. Fortunately, the placement of dental implants rarely leads to complications during the manipulation. The most common complication is called peri-implantitis. It is an infection of the tissues around the implant, leading to bone loss. It is usually due to failure to maintain good oral hygiene and can often be treated.

In extremely rare cases, it is possible that the dental implant will fail to “integrate” into the bone, resulting in its loss. This is a rare complication and some factors that may influence this are diabetes, smoking and poor oral hygiene.

How long does a dental implant last?

In dentistry, we never say “forever”, but implants can function for many, many years if the patient maintains good oral hygiene and comes in for regular checkups. With good care, the implant can be a wonderful, functioning part of you, for life!

Is a dental implant better than a denture or a bridge?

The bridge requires filing of the natural teeth adjacent to the defect and their incorporation into the structure. After years, they need to be replaced, and sometimes it is possible to develop a carious process under them. This obviously cannot happen with a titanium implant.

Dentures are by definition removable and are usually the most uncomfortable for the patient for this very reason. They cover large areas of the jaw, which can lead to nausea and discomfort. They do not always satisfy the aesthetic and functional requirements, even with perfect execution.

What are modern dental implants – Varna?

The dental implants – Varna that we know today are a real innovation in the field of dentistry. They are small screws, usually titanium, that are surgically inserted into our bone, skillfully replacing the missing tooth roots.

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Dental implants Varna 1 - model of dental implant

Dental implants Varna – durable over time

These affordable dental implants – Varna are an extremely strong foundation to work on. After the placement of dental implants – Varna usually wait for a certain period of time (sometimes it is several months) to ossify successfully. Once everything is fine with our dental implants – Varna can proceed to the placement of crowns, which can be made of different materials. This is how to achieve a complete and beautiful smile that will become our most stylish accessory.

Advantages of modern dental implants – Varna

Modern dental implants – Varna have many advantages. Prices are among them – they are definitely worth it. Among them is durability over time. The material from which these dental implants are made – Varna, does not succumb to changes caused by time. Titanium models can be practically eternal if they are taken care of properly – that’s why it is worth paying the advertised prices for dental implants – Varna.


Another advantage of modern dental implants – Varna besides the prices is their easy maintenance. Unlike removable dentures, bridges, etc., implants do not require special care and hygiene, in addition to the normal procedures that are carried out for natural teeth. When getting dental implants – Varna, clients share that they receive detailed instructions on the care they need to take to enjoy their beautiful smile for as long as possible (and why not forever). Thus, the prices of dental implants – Varna are even more worth it if we can enjoy them forever or at least for a few decades.


According to mainstream opinions about dental implants – Varna, comfort is a huge advantage over alternative options such as removable dentures and bridges. The feeling of the dental implants – Varna is very close to that of our natural teeth. We will be able to speak, eat and smile with dental implants – Varna at top prices without experiencing discomfort or any inconvenience.


Dental implants Varna 2 - jaw model

Dental implants Varna – you can restore the entire dental arch

Last but not least, dental implants – Varna can restore both a single lost tooth and the entire dental arch. Their huge advantage is that in the case of restoration of the entire jaw, only four dental implants need to be placed. In addition, the restoration of teeth with dental implants – Varna does not require the filing and damage of adjacent teeth, as is the case when placing bridges.

Who can benefit from dental implants – Varna?

Dental implants – Varna can benefit almost anyone who has partial or complete tooth loss. Most patients share the opinion that high quality titanium dental implants – Varna are well tolerated and they have no complaints. In very rare cases, it is possible that the implants are not well accepted by the body and are rejected. For most people, it is enough to react in time after the loss of a tooth in order to successfully place dental implants – Varna. A quick reaction is necessary because the longer we wait after tooth extraction, the more the bone weakens and the placement of dental implants – Varna becomes more difficult. Of course, even in these cases, the situation is not unsalvageable – you can artificially enlarge the bone where necessary, but this complicates the process. Therefore, it is best to react promptly after the loss of a tooth or teeth. And if we turn to the best clinic for dental implants – Varna, we will facilitate the process.

How long do modern dental implants last – Varna?

Dental implants Varna 3 - cleaning

Dental implants Varna – take care of the implants properly

With proper care, dental implants – Varna can last a lifetime. It is important to take care of them exactly as the dentists who placed these dental implants advised us. Hygiene is very important after the placement of dental implants – Varna, because otherwise we may face an unpleasant infection of the tissues around the implant. In most cases it is treatable, but no one would want to go there. The same goes for bad habits like smoking. If we intend to get dental implants – Varna, it is better to give up this habit completely or at least to abstain for a few months until the implants become hard. It is important to sort out our priorities at such a time – would we prefer comfort, freedom, a beautiful smile and healthy dental implants – Varna over bad habits?

Are there risks with modern dental implants – Varna?

With any more serious intervention, such as the surgical placement of dental implants – Varna, there are certain risks – even if it is performed in the best clinic for dental implants – Varna. However, in this case they are kept to a minimum. Among the risks of dental implants – Varna is the possibility that our bone will not accept the titanium implants and reject them. However, this is extremely rare. Another, more real risk is the risk of infections. We can prevent it only by impeccable hygiene according to our doctors’ instructions and by avoiding harmful habits such as smoking. Even if the tissue around the implant becomes infected, we should not panic because in most cases it is reversible and treatable. However, it is best to prevent such a turn of events through excellent hygiene.

How to maintain dental implants – Varna?

In fact, patients do not have access to the dental implants themselves – Varna.

Dental implants Varna 4 - teeth cleaning

Dental implants Varna – clean the implant crowns thoroughly

When it comes to maintenance of dental implants – Varna, we are actually talking about maintenance and hygiene of the parts that are visible – these are the crowns placed on the new dental implants – Varna. To keep them clean and tidy, it is necessary to clean the spaces between them at least twice a day with dental floss or a dental shower. In addition, again twice a day the visible parts above our dental implants – Varna should be thoroughly cleaned with toothpaste and a toothbrush (ordinary or electric – this will be best judged by the doctor who is conducting the treatment). Last but not least is the use of mouthwash twice a day – it disinfects the gums and the spaces between the teeth – artificial or natural. Regarding the type of toothpaste, toothbrush and mouthwash that will be most suitable for our case, we should consult the doctor.


What are modern dental implants – Varna?

Advantages of modern dental implants – Varna

Who can benefit from dental implants – Varna?

How long do modern dental implants last – Varna?

Are there risks with modern dental implants – Varna?

How to maintain dental implants – Varna?