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Ceramic facets

Aesthetic dentistry


Application of ceramic veneers

Ceramic veneers are used to improve the appearance of teeth with chipping, staining, spacing and other imperfections.

Porcelain dental veneers are ceramic partial crowns that cover the front surface of the teeth. They can be placed on a different number of teeth, depending on the clinical case, taking into account the patient’s wishes. They are most often placed on the first six front teeth. Ceramic is a material with great optical qualities and its structure is resistant to stains from wine, coffee, etc.

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What to expect:

We take pictures and discuss your expectations for your new smile. We will take impressions and create models of your current teeth. We do a detailed analysis of your current smile and use digital smile design to plan treatment. Through individualized wax modeling, we will create a prototype of a completed veneer treatment.

If necessary, we prepare the teeth minimally and place temporary veneers. That way you can see how you would look and feel with that facet design. Adjustments are made to the design as needed.

We evaluate the aesthetics and fit of the veneers and cement them. We check the phonetics, comfort and aesthetics of cemented veneers.

We track the adaptation of the fabrics to the facets and the final aesthetics are assessed. If necessary, minor adjustments will be made. Final photos will be taken.

What are the modern models of veneers in Varna?

Good veneers in Varna are prosthetic constructions that are placed for a more aesthetic appearance of the teeth. Modern veneers in Varna are finely crafted plates that are placed on the front, visible part of the teeth. Veneers are thin flakes that are made for each tooth individually and attached to it. Modern veneers in Varna are the ideal solution in case we insist on the aesthetic appearance of our teeth.

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By placing veneers in Varna we can change the color, shape, size, length and even the arrangement of our teeth, we can also correct uneven spacing between our teeth. Veneers are also available on the market in Varna, which have a function other than aesthetic – these are veneers that are placed not on the frontal but on the upper part of the back teeth, in other words – they cover the chewing surface of the teeth and improve their chewing function. In most cases, however, veneers are placed entirely for the purpose of a beautiful, flawless smile. Dental specialists placing veneers in Varna give us the opportunity to achieve a perfect Hollywood smile and show it with confidence.

What is the procedure for placing veneers in Varna?

Facets Varna 1

Veneers – for a beautiful and flawless smile

The preparation and placement of veneers in Varna takes place within a few visits to the dental specialist we trust. At the first visit to the dentist related to the placement of veneers in Varna, the desired results and the necessary actions to achieve them are discussed, analyzing the current state of the teeth. Photographs are taken and precise impressions of the patient’s teeth are taken to produce accurate veneer models. In Varna models are made on site. A great advantage of veneers in Varna is that digital models of our teeth are also made. The design of the entire smile is done digitally, which is a big plus of the treatment with veneers in Varna.

This way we can see in advance what the expected results of the veneers placement in Varna are.During the second visit to the dental specialist who will place the selected veneers in Varna, the smile design is discussed and adjusted and the teeth are prepared for the procedure. In some cases a filing is required before the veneers are placed in Varna, in others – not. Even if the teeth need to be filed before the veneers are placed in Varna, it is usually minimal, and temporary veneers are placed afterwards. The advantage of having these temporary veneers placed in Varna is that we can see in advance what the final result will look and feel like with real veneers.

The third visit occurs about two weeks after the second. During this third visit the dental specialist placed and cemented our new veneers in his office in Varna.

The last, fourth visit to the dental specialist in connection with our new veneers in Varna took place a month after their insertion. During this visit, tissue adaptation to the new veneers is monitored and final adjustments are made if necessary.

Ceramic (porcelain) veneers in Varna

Facets Varna 2

Facets Varna – what is the procedure for placement

Porcelain veneers in Varna, also called ceramic veneers, are one of the most durable veneer models in Varna that we can trust. Ceramic veneers stand the test of time and with proper maintenance can serve us for decades – one of the biggest advantages of these porcelain veneers placed in Varna is their durability. Another huge advantage of ceramic veneers in Varna is the fact that they do not change their color over time, and continue to look as dazzling white year after year. Porcelain veneers offered in Varna look quite natural on our teeth. Ceramic veneers placed in Varna resemble the natural color and texture of the teeth and are therefore preferred by a large number of patients.

Zirconium veneers in Varna

Zirconia veneers in Varna, like porcelain veneers, are placed for the sole purpose of making the teeth look beautiful. This means that the teeth on which the zirconium veneers will be placed by the specialist in Varna must be healthy. When they are placed, a very small part of the enamel of the tooth that is subject to the orthodontic treatment – about half a millimeter – is removed. This is done in order for the zirconia veneers in Varna to be fixed more firmly and stand more naturally.

Facets Varna 3

Facets Varna – long-lasting and durable

Zirconia, which is used to make the plates, is an extremely strong material – many times stronger than natural tooth enamel. In addition, the colour and texture of this material can resemble natural teeth. This means that we can place zirconia veneers in Varna without them being distinguishable from our healthy natural teeth.Another advantage of these constructions is their high degree of compatibility with the human body. Zirconium does not cause allergies and other adverse reactions, and does not react with substances that we put in our mouths. Due to its high durability, the material can be used to make veneers in Varna, which can be placed even on the back teeth that have a chewing function. Last but not the least, this veneers placed in Varna are resistant to staining and stains caused by food, drinks and cigarettes. Almost nothing is able to change the good appearance of this type of veneers and with good care and hygiene, we will be able to enjoy them for decades.

Photopolymer veneers in Varna

Facets Varna 4

Facets Varna – for a beautiful smile

Photopolymer veneers are the most budget option in Varna to get a beautiful smile. This material is more popular for making fillings with a more aesthetic look than the classic ones. However, veneers are also made from photopolymer, which, like ceramic and zirconia veneers, are thin scales (plates). These veneers (and fillings) are hardened by irradiation with ultraviolet light. They are bonded to the tooth surface by so-called bonding and are an easy, quick and inexpensive way to get a beautiful smile.

Photopolymer veneers placed in Varna have their slight disadvantages. One of them is the fact that they are not as long lasting as ceramic and zirconia ones. They become worn down, stained over time and require renewal or cleaning at the dentist. It is also up to the patient how long they will keep their veneers in good shape by cleaning them regularly and avoiding the consumption of highly staining foods and beverages (coffee, red wine, black tea) as well as cigarettes. However, no matter how well they are cared for, at some point professional maintenance is required. That is why, after the placement of photopolymer veneers in Varna, the visits to the dental specialist we have trusted are much more frequent than if we had opted for ceramic or zirconium veneers.

What are the modern models of veneers in Varna?

What is the procedure for placing veneers in Varna?

Ceramic (porcelain) veneers in Varna

Zirconium veneers in Varna

Photopolymer veneers in Varna