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Ceramic veneers in Varna

Aesthetic dentistry


Application of ceramic veneers in Varna

Ceramic veneers are used to improve the appearance of teeth with chipping, staining, spacing and other imperfections.

Porcelain dental veneers are ceramic partial crowns that cover the front surface of the teeth. They can be placed on a different number of teeth, depending on the clinical case, taking into account the patient’s wishes. They are most often placed on the first six front teeth. Ceramic is a material with great optical qualities and its structure is resistant to stains from wine, coffee, etc.

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What to expect:

We take pictures and discuss your expectations for your new smile. We will take impressions and create models of your current teeth. We do a detailed analysis of your current smile and use digital smile design to plan treatment. Through individualized wax modeling, we will create a prototype of a completed veneer treatment.

If necessary, we prepare the teeth minimally and place temporary veneers. This way you can see how you would look and feel with this facet design. Design adjustments are made as needed.

We evaluate the aesthetics and fit of the veneers and cement them. We check the phonetics, comfort and aesthetics of cemented veneers.

Tissue adaptation to facets is monitored and final aesthetics are assessed. If necessary, minor adjustments will be made. Final photos will also be taken.